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Stuff about me and my cats. I guess just my journey through life. Which is probably going to bore most of you. I do reviews on the TV show Supernatural starting from Season 1. I will also do Book Reviews from time to time to give you my opinion on what I am reading.
I have a account if any of you feel tempted to read my fanfics. My handle there is Persephone's Journey. I do not write Wincest or slash so if you are looking for that, you are out of luck.
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Aug 31

Telling Non-Writers Friends about NaNo



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a dean winchester s9 appreciation

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You’re not a grunt, Dean. You’re a genius — when it comes to lore, to — you’re the best damn hunter I have ever seen. Better than me, better than dad.

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Once again Team Levi is participating in the Dallas Buddy Walk this year. WinchesterBros is having an auction in support of reaching the team’s goal of $25,000 and the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. The Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas is a very important charity to the Ackles family as Jensen’s nephew, Levi, has down syndrome. The Buddy Walk seeks to promote acceptance of people with down syndrome and raise funds to support important programs and services provided by the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. Please help such a great cause!

SDCC Tv Guide Magazine

Signed Venice Magazine

5 Supernatural XL Tshirts 

Supernatural Hunter Hoodie

Signed Supernatural Witch’s Canyon 

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Do they sense it,…


Do they sense it,…

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The Sassy Soldier

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i forgot that most people are asleep at 3 am

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Friendship: A Summary


Bucky: Steve NO

Steve: Steve YES

Bucky: *sigh* *furious cursing* Bucky also yes

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